Vision and Mission

“The Power to Change” is the energy that drives IEPC to reach greater heights. IEPC takes pride in being a company that grows through success and client referrals. We see the partnerships with our clients as investing in our future. This is the dynamics of making opportunities work, inspiring the company to move forward, meet clients’ expectations, specifications, feasibility, quality and reliability.

IEPC vision is to become a world-class electrical engineering company, committed to enhancing stakeholder value. As a market leader, IEPC provides premium products and strives to fulfill the expectations of industries and clients regionally.


IEPC conforms to its policy of being able to design, manufacture meeting international standards adapted to local regulations and market at competitive prices. It is the product of significant high standard that result in customer satisfaction, quality reputation and market leadership. This enables strong customer orientation, being sensitive to their needs, responding swiftly and effectively to market change.