Industrial Products

Medium Voltage Switchgear
  1. Single Busbar Switchgear 11KV, 40KA for 3 Sec, upto 3150Amps.
  2. Double Busbar Switchgear 11KV, 40KA for 3 Sec, upto 3150 Amps.
  3. Automatic Transfer Switchgear (ATS).
  4. VFD Starters & Soft Starters.
  5. Unit Distribution Substations (UDS).
  6. Container and Mobile Substations.
  7. Customized MV Solutions for Special Applications.
  8. Compact Ring Main Unit (RMU).
Low Voltage Switchgear
  1. Main Low Tension Boards (MLTB).
  2. Main Switch Boards (MSB).
  3. Distribution Boards (DB).
  4. Withdrawable Intelligent Motor Control Centers (iMCC).
  5. Automatic Transfer Switches (ATS).
  6. Automatic Mains Failure Panels (AMF Panels).
  7. Synchronizing Panels (Syn Panels).
  8. Isolators & Switch Fuses (S/F).
  9. Feeder Oillars, Service Cabinets & Cut-Outs.
  10. CCTV Stainless Steel Enclosures Tested for IP55.
  11. VFD Starters & Soft Starters.
Control and Relay Panels
  1. Protection and Control Panels (Simplex Type and Duplex Type).
  2. Substation MIMIC, Control and Metering Panels.
  3. Substation Common Alarm Annunciator Panels.
  4. AVR Panels (Transformer Tap Changer Panels).
  5. Substation Communication Panels for SCADA, etc.
  6. Interposing Relay Panels.
  7. Telemetering Marshalling Cabinets.
  8. Pilot Wire Marshalling Panels.
  9. Control Desk.
Specialized Electrical Products
  1. Containerized Substations up to 132KV.
  2. Mobile Substations up to 132KV.
  3. Special Applications Enclosures (Sun Proof) Stainless Steel (CTV . etc...)

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